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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming


Tree Trimming and pruning  is typically performed to remove dead or diseased branches, to remove a view obstruction or to accent beauty through shaping.  Avoid topping non-fruit bearing trees.  Limit the removal of a tree's foliage to 30% per growing season.  We are Livingston County's Oak Tree Trimming Specialist

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming


 Trees don't live forever.  It is the inevitable result of life.  When you have a tree that needs to be removed whether from outgrowing its space, disease or death.  Be sure to hire a competent and insured tree professional to protect your property and insure a great experience.   

Storm Damage

Tree Trimming

Cabling & Bracing


Homeowners in Michigan know that storms can arrive at any time, during any season, leaving your property susceptible to severe storm damage. In the unfortunate event that a storm leaves your trees in a hazardous situation Martin Tree Service specializes in storm damage relief as well as emergency tree service and removal.

Cabling & Bracing

Preventative Services

Cabling & Bracing


Cabling is performed in the top third of the tree's canopy to help the tree survive strong winds and heavy snow loads.  It is typically performed on trees that have large branches or multiple competing trunks.  Cabling can be used in conjunction with bracing. 

Stump Grinding

Preventative Services

Preventative Services


The final step of a the tree removal process is ensuring that the property's appearance has been restored to original state. Once our team has successfully removed the damaged or endangered trees on your property, we are fully capable of grinding the stump so that there is not a blemish on your lawn.  

Preventative Services

Preventative Services

Preventative Services


When a tree first shows signs of disease or decay call a tree expert to determine what preventative care services are available to slow decay or bring your tree back to health.  Dead tree are dangerous trees, especially when they are near a building or where people lounge and play.  Emergency tree removal is more costly.  Don't wait to contact an expert. 

Martin Tree Service, LLC


COVID-19 Clarification:

Martin Tree will continue to perform the following services which have been deemed essential activities by the TCIA and ISA during the shutdown.

·  Hazard tree removal or removal or a dangerous tree

·  Pruning of dead, dying, or dangerous limbs

·  Cabling or bracing a hazardous tree

·  Mitigating storm damage

·  Emergency response readiness

·  Removal of fire damaged or fuel trees in a fire hazard area

·  Assessment of hazard trees or pest issues for the purposes of removal or treatment as described above

The Safety of our Customers and Employees is paramount.  We are adding additional COV-19 specific safety measures during this time.

·  Employees will keep a minimum of six feet social distance from each other and our customers. 

·  Martin Tree employees who have a cough or cold will not be allowed on any job sites.

·  Martin Tree employees who have been around someone within the past 14 days who has or is expected to have COVID-19 will not be able to work on job sites.

·  We will not provide estimates or perform work that is for aesthetic purposes or other reasons outside of those listed above until after the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order has been lifted.


Safety First

We care about the health of your trees because we care about you. Tree health provides safety, for you and your family. Why take the risk?

Prioritize Safety

Tree removal can be dangerous. At Martin Tree Service we have competent and knowledgeable tree experts who keep in mind the safety of our employees and your property. Rest assured that the care of your property and belongings are important to us. With our safety guidelines and innovative removal systems, our first priority is safe tree removal.

Weather Risk Prevention

We fortify your tree to withstand the harsh forces of wind and snow. Cabling strengthens trees to survive strong winds and heavy snow loads. Bracing protects your tree from splitting. Our experts also keep an eye out for diseases that make trees dangerous. Why wait for a tree to topple when you can have it removed by Martin Tree Service?

Emergency Tree Removal

Dead, rotting and even healthy trees can pose a risk to houses, vehicles and structures. After thunderstorms, high winds, or heavy snowfall, fallen trees can cause extensive property damage. They are also a hindrance to daily responsibilities when sheds or cars become inaccessible. Martin Tree Service is a swift solution with state of the art equipment and expert tree associates. We are on call to service your tree emergency and get you back to life as soon as possible!

Our tree experts are trained in safety and tree care and can assist you in any questions you may have. Our employees can provide tips to improve the health of your trees and shrubs. They can also share instruction for identifying risks to your landscape.


We provide a free estimate and look forward to assisting you in tree service needs. Whether it is through visual appeal or tree safety, at Martin Tree Service we want to improve your view.

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