Comprehensive Oak Tree Trimming Service in Livingston County

When it comes to pruning or trimming a tree, special care and consideration should be taken as one wrong cut can do extensive damage to the health of your tree. 

This is especially true when trimming an oak tree.  The team at Martin Tree Service, LLC recommends that owners of Oak Trees have them assessed for pruning and trimming opportunities each fall season.  Our team is comprised of tree technicians who are experienced in the art of trimming Oak Trees in this part of Michigan. 

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Oak Tree Care

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Oak Wilt is a devastating exotic disease that is wreaking havoc in Michigan. Caring for oak trees is an operation that requires expert care. While white oaks can successfully battle this exotic disease red oaks don’t fair well and can die completely in a matter of weeks. 

Further, due to the fact that red oaks

commonly intertwine roots with neighboring red oaks. The disease can quickly spread from the inflected tree to surrounding trees. This is why the Michigan DNR recommends careful pruning of oak trees, and no pruning during the growing season. At Martin Tree Service we have professional and educated tree service associates who prioritize the health of your trees.

Receive expert results with Free Estimates, Professional Crews, No Hidden Fees and Excellent Customer Service.

How Oak Wilt Spreads

Oak Wilt spreads two ways: 

1. When an oak tree is injured or cut, tiny beetles will burrow into the wood and spread the disease. 

2. Oak Wilt will spread through the root system of one oak

tree to its neighbors.

Taking Action

Once an oak tree has Oak Wilt it cannot be treated. This means tree care is extremely important to the health of your trees. Careful pruning and sometimes tree removal is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease. Immediate removal of infected trees is a high priority as they contain the oak wilt spores that can be transmitted to surrounding trees.

Seasonal Care

At Martin Tree Service we believe in improving ourselves so we can Improve Your View. As a result, we keep up to date on the latest DNR recommendations for oak tree care and pruning. Talk to our educated tree services associates about the health of your trees.

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